ircrc – internet relay chat client


ircrc [ -p port ] [ -P server password ] [ -r realname ] [ -t target ] [ -n nick ] [ -T ] [ server ]


Ircrc is an IRC client. Messages are sent from standard input and received from standard output. The default server is The arguments bitlbee and oftc are expanded to and, respectively. The options are:

-p port

Change the default port (6667).  

-P server password

Specify a password for the remote server.  

-r realname

Change the default name (<nil>).  

-t target

Set and join the target channel. If multiple channels are specified, only the last one will be set as target. Messages are sent to target unless they are commands.  

-n nick

Change the default nickname ($user).  


Use tls through tlssrv(8).  


Ircrc commands begin with a slash. Unrecognized commands result in an error message and send nothing to the server. The commands are:

/! cmd

Send the output of the shell command cmd to the current target.  


MODE command.  


NOTICE command.  


TOPIC command.  


WHOIS command.  


AWAY command.  


JOIN command.  


LIST command.  


PRIVMSG command.  


NICK command.  


PART command.  

/q cmd

Send the raw IRC command cmd to the server.  

/t target

Set target. If target is more than one channel, any messages are sent to all of them.  


USERS command.  


WHO command.  


QUIT command. Control-D also sends this command.  

See RFC 1459 and RFC 2812 for detailed information about IRC commands.


Default usage:


% ircrc

Join as a different user:


% ircrc -r glenda -n glenda

Join two channels on login:


% ircrc -t '#cat-v,#plan9'





Some fonts do not support the nickname delimiters.

If the connection is lost, ircrc waits for input before exiting.