seq – print sequences of numbers


seq [ -w ] [ -fformat ] [ first [ incr ] ] last


Seq prints a sequence of numbers, one per line, from first (default 1) to as near last as possible, in increments of incr (default 1). The loop is:

unhandled troff command .sp

  for(val = min; val <= max; val += incr) print val;

unhandled troff command .sp

The numbers are interpreted as floating point.

Normally integer values are printed as decimal integers. The options are


Use the print(2)-style format print for printing each (floating point) number. The default is %g.  


Equalize the widths of all numbers by padding with leading zeros as necessary. Not effective with option -f, nor with numbers in exponential notation.  


seq 0 .05 .1

Print 0 0.05 0.1 (on separate lines).  

seq -w 0 .05 .1

Print 0.00 0.05 0.10 .  




Option -w always surveys every value in advance. Thus seq -w 1000000000 is a painful way to get an ‘infinite’ sequence.