sysinfo, sysupdate – report information about, update the system


sysinfo [ -e e-mail ] [ -p ]
sysupdate [ -i ]


Sysinfo executes a number of commands that report information about the hardware and software configuration of the running system, concatenating the output to stdout.

The -p flag causes the output to be posted at a website archive,, which in turn forwards the message to a mailing list, A URL pointing to the archived output is returned. The -e flag causes a reply-to e-mail address to be included in the message (the e-mail address is not divulged to the mailing list). These flags are useful for reporting new installs to the development team.

Sysupdate updates the local mercurial repository by executing the following commands:


bind -ac /dist/plan9front /
hg -v pull -u

If the -i flag is included, the command hg incoming is prepended.




intro(3), plan9.ini(8), hg(1)


Sysinfo first appeared in 9front (May, 2012). Sysupdate first appeared in 9front (February, 2012).