tmpfile, tmpnam – Stdio temporary files


#include <u.h>
#include <stdio.h>

FILE *tmpfile(void)

char *tmpnam(char *s)


Tmpfile creates a temporary file that will automatically be removed when the file is closed or the program exits. The return value is a Stdio FILE* opened in update mode (see fopen(2)).

Tmpnam generates a string that is a valid file name and that is not the same as the name of an existing file. If s is zero, it returns a pointer to a string which may be overwritten by subsequent calls to tmpnam. If s is non-zero, it should point to an array of at least L_tmpnam (defined in <stdio.h>) characters, and the answer will be copied there.



template for tmpfile file names.  


template for tmpnam file names.  




The files created by tmpfile are not removed until exits(2) is executed; in particular, they are not removed on fclose or if the program terminates abnormally.