getmap, colors – display color map


colors [ -rx ]

getmap [ colormap ]


Colors presents a grid showing the colors in the current color map. If the display is true color, colors shows a grid of the RGBV color map (see color(6)).

Clicking mouse button 1 over a color in the grid will display the map index for that color, its red, green, and blue components, and the 32-bit hexadecimal color value as defined in allocimage(2). If the -x option is specified, the components will also be listed in hexadecimal.

The -r option instead shows, in the same form, a grey-scale ramp.

A menu on mouse button 3 contains a single entry, to exit the program.

On 8-bit color-mapped displays, getmap loads the display’s color map (default rgbv). The named colormap can be a file in the current directory or in the standard repository /lib/cmap. It can also be a string of the form gamma or gammaN, where N is a floating point value for the gamma, defining the contrast for a monochrome map. Similarly, rgamma and rgammaN define a reverse-video monochrome map. Finally, the names screen or display or vga are taken as synonyms for the current color map stored in the display hardware.


/lib/cmap directory of color map files